Please scroll down the page to get a feel for the 100cm table size

We can offer a bespoke service for stone mosaic tables. These tops seat 4 people with platter prices at £748.00

ST Diagonal ML
ST Olive ML-WH

100cm Olive Melange stone top

ST Concentric WH-CG

 100cm dia. White Concentric with Bouquet base

ST Tishka VB

    100cm dia. Tishka Stone top with Secret Garden Carvers

White Steps
Pink Roses
White Corridor

Now please look through some example designs

Scroll through the images and click on one to enlarge...

Finally, please choose a base for the platter to go on

Choose either the 80cm Beldia base (below left) for £110.00 or the 80cm Bouquet base (below right) for £144.00

80cm Beldia base
80cm Bouquet base
If you wish to purchase or require any assistance please call us on 01323 871965 or 871399