200cm x 100cm White Autumn Romantica
ST Autumn Rom ML-WH
ST Diagonal ML Border
ST Light Green
ST Kilim Border

About Stone mosaic

The wealth and mercantile successes of the Roman Empire has left us a fine legacy of handcrafted mosaic floors and walls in natural stone colours made up of small Tesserae blocks. These mosaic works of art were the pinnacle of their artistic achievements and for this reason were used to adorn their homes and public buildings to show their mastery of the Mediterranean.

The original Roman quarries, in sun-bleached North Africa, offer us the opportunity to provide you with a range of dining tables, designed together with our skilled manufacturer, which extol the beauty of natural unpolished stone yet in modern and contemporary designs to suit any home, garden or conservatory.

Unpolished natural stone achieves the best aesthetic in its subtle enhancement of natural colours and soft light reflectance; it allows a tactile surface but does not provide you with a surface-cleansing problem. We have the advantage over the Romans in that we have sealing agents that do not alter the finish yet allow a non-porous surface. This allows for easy cleaning with normal detergents using a sponge or even a soft fingernail brush.

The hand cut mosaic is so precise as to avoid the use of grout and with it the usual problems of dirt collection and failure. Neither wine nor grease will stain your table and frost presents no fracture problems if it is left outside and sealed.