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We love to offer you a bespoke service in choice of colour (76), design arrangement and shape. Clearly bespoke orders take a little time to arrive and we do not require any extra payment for this service. Our table designs are categorised into three sections: 1) Cabochon – Standard arrangement, 2) Mid-complexity Moderne, 3) Complex. You can refer to our full price list to see the cost differences.

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We have provided many unique tables in Terracotta and Stone, according to our clients desires. The Terracotta Mosaic requires a geometric design while the Stone Mosaic can be far more exacting and detailed as it does not require grout and the pieces are much smaller. So the design you seek will lend itself to one or the other material.





The table to the left was ordered by a huge Bob Marley fan, this is just a small insight of the capabilities of the Stone Mosaic.

This was a customer request for a Chevron design with the smooth finish on the Stone. (cheese board not included)

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