How to Clean

Cleaning our products is a very simple task. For Terracotta platters (providing the table has been sealed with a stone sealer) it is as simple as using a non-abrasive sponge with warm water to be able to clean off any dirt or debris. We recommend cleaning the platter down once visible mess or dirt starts showing and then reapplying the stone sealer to help with longevity.

Stone Mosaic platters is near enough the same process to Terracotta. ideally the Stone sealer should be put on the table as soon as possible after delivery. This gives instant protection. Once completed the mosaic will be sealed from moisture and mess. However if acidic debris (such as bird mess or red wine for example) comes into contact we suggest it is removed as soon as possible with a warm cloth. Stone sealer should then be reapplied to secure the stone for future enjoyment!

Ironwork is a very similar process. Chairs and bases can be rinsed and washed with a sponge or a hose pipe. Once you feel the ironwork is starting to rust e.g. starts getting spiky and sharp, use a plastic pan scourer and rub down until smooth to the touch. Here at Tavole Calde Ltd. we recommend using a metal nourisher to slow the rusting process down. No need for paints or undercoats!

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