Tavole Calde Ltd. believes in easy and fast maintenance for all materials and supplying maintenance products to our customers. Critically we do not support or recommend any coatings as they will fail, be that paints, powder-coating or galvanisation: by this we mean we want to keep the most natural surface finishes as we can and to protect materials from degradation and give long term durability.


All ironwork just receives a ‘sponge-on’ rust suppressor which enables maintenance to be as little as 2 minutes per chair/base every 6 months (if left outside, or once only if left inside). To assure a nice surface finish we recommend first wiping with a green plastic pan scourer (non metallic). All of this we show you at point of delivery.

Stone Mosaic Table Tops:

Stone mosaic table tops are all-weather, frost and snow durable and carry a 5 year guarantee. These also receive a stain resistor to ease cleaning after spillages.

Terracotta Mosaic Table Tops:

Terracotta platters are not guaranteed frost and snow proof which means that they can be damaged over time if left outside in winter months, so we recommend that they are brought in somewhere to prevent the platter from freezing. We supply 2 products for the platters, one is a tile and grout sealer. (Natural terracotta is porous and can be stained easily.) We also provide the same rust suppressor as mentioned above, this is to be used on the metal edge of the platter.

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