Our Service

We like to work with you to offer a fast supply from stock or a timely bespoke service, this lead time will vary across the seasons and will depend on container and pallet imports, however though you must wait there is no extra charge for this offering.

Bespoke service

Our tailored services include design and a palette of 76 glazed tile colours to offer (via PDF) and around 20 natural stone colours, we can offer a stock range of ironwork or indeed offer bespoke metalwork given the same longer lead times of our shipments.

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How we work (personal service)

Please speak to us or arrange a Videocall with us if you cannot easily visit our showroom, this allows us to offer a precise and personal design service and understand your needs best, we can walk you through options this way much easier than a written email. We do not keep  normal shop hours, we work 24/7 online and support enquiries in to the evenings, when possible we open up the showroom, but will be sometimes on delivery, but generally aim to open for appointments made.

Stock availability (mention of stock checker)

We carry large stocks in order to service the less particular and general needs of our customers, we hope to offer you that bespoke service but are aware that our short Summers mean that people often prefer not to wait, however, we can sometimes offer a lent table top whilst an ordered one is awaited. We do not offer any “set” as it is policy to offer all as parts as many seek just a base, or just a top.

Other subjects for input

  • Materials – Historic to Modernity
  • Terracotta Mosaic
  • Stone Mosaic
  • Lava
  • Ironwork
  • Accessories
  • Maintenance Required (Each material)
  • Durability and Weathering Outside
  • Our Guarantees
  • Quality Control and Hand Made against factory produced work
  • Supporting Communities
  • Upcycling and Limiting use of Resources
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Contact Us

We are available seven days a week. Please call 01323 871965 if you wish to make an appointment.

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