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Roman Stone Mosaic, as old as time itself. Wonderfully preserved coloured stones and glasses are found preserved in sites such as Ercolano Scavi (Herculaneum) close to Pompeii and at the shores under the glowering Vesuvius. Here you see some selected images of flooring, 2000 years old, which can be staggeringly modern and simple; the mosaic was used also often on walls and building features such as home shrines. Again, the choice of this surface finish was a case of showing your wealth and standing to those visiting your villa.

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The stones are taken from the relevant quarry according to the stone colour and split up and cut down usually into small cubes around 6-8mm in size. Nowadays we have better techniques than even the Romans had, as we can achieve tighter joints to reduce grout lines and we have better stain and colour enhancers to protect the stones and offer durability.

Stones are hand cut with clippers by ladies-in-white-coats working in a very social atmosphere as a team occupation on each project, the chatter is intoxicating! The designs on paper are transferred to mosaic upside down laid out on tables ready to receive the reinforcement and rim of steel, later a cement screed leveller is poured over all in order to dry out in the sunshine. Once it is dried out fully the platter tabletop can be raised up, turned, and cleaned down, then to show a minimum requirement for any grout.

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