Terracotta Mosaic

Tavole Calde Ltd holds around 200 Moroccan terracotta mosaic dining tables in a range of new and exciting designs in different sizes. Terracotta is great for conservatories and dining rooms as well as in the garden during non-frost periods. We advise that the mosaic table tops are lifted into a shed before Winter. Tops and bases are separate and there is always a choice of two bases for each table top size.  The terracotta is hand-cut, glazed with a colour or left ‘natural’ (requiring our matt sealer). Please look below at some of the different tables that we can offer.

White and Dark Blue Geometric
Dark Blue and Yellow Star
Multi Colour Square fully glazed
Yellow Dark Brown Geometric
White and Pink fully glazed
White and Dark Blue Mosque
White and Grey fully glazed
Dark Blue and Natural
Dark Green and Natural
Red and natural
WH DBL Offset
Dark Green and Beige
Turquoise Fan
Orange and Dark Brown new design
Turquoise and White Mosque
Multi Natural
Multi Retro
Dark Hexagon
Dark Blue and White Mosque
Dark Blue and Turquoise Tishka
DGR TU Mosque
All Grey fully glazed
White and Dark Blue fully glazed
Blue Tishka
WH N    WH DBL Mosque    DBR WH    DGR TU Mosque
WH N  200cm x 100cm
160cm x 100cm White and Natural
White and Dark Blue Geometric
160cm x 100cm White and Natural Plain Sbaiss
Turquoise and Dark Blue new design

Our terracotta tops rest on a wrought iron base with a slight overlap. There are two choices, the beldia base which is a more simplistic tubular frame design or the bouquet base which is a more ornate solid frame design. Please look at the chart below for the prices of suggested table sizes.

Platter size Platter cost Beldia base cost Bouquet base cost
80cm dia £144.00 £92.00 £118.00
100cm dia £198.00 £110.00 £144.00
120cm dia £272.00 £146.00 £196.00
140cm dia £388.00 £186.00 £256.00
160cm x 100cm £442.00 £182.00 £266.00
200cm x 100cm £586.00 £216.00 £322.00
60cm Beldia base
Beldia base medium
60cm Bouquet base
Bouquet base medium
If you wish to purchase or require any assistance please call us on 01323 871965 or 871399